Colorado Mediation Services

The attorneys at Kneeland & Lazure Law are trained mediators and have experience mediating constructive outcomes for clients. Mediation is a positive means to conflict resolution that allows you to make the decisions to move forward with your life. Going to court can be both financially and emotionally expensive and time-consuming. Mediation is an alternative plan of action that helps you resolve a dispute without litigation. Increasing numbers of clients are using mediation services because they understand constructive conflict resolution is more likely to result in benefits to all parties, as well as quicker outcomes.

Who Can Benefit From Mediation?

With the Colorado mediation services offer by the attorneys of Kneeland & Lazure Law, help clients turn acrimonious situations into positive conclusions. To be successful, participants must enter into the process in good faith to try to resolve the conflict and be open and honest, willing to listen and compromise, and motivated to reach an agreement.

Through mediation services, Kneeland & Lazure Law has helped the following types of clients explore alternatives to reach a mutually acceptable settlement:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Companies – large or small
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Realtors
  • CPA’s
  • Contractors
  • Attorneys
  • Medical professionals

How Mediation Works

Mediation involves an impartial third party, or mediator, who meets with you and the person or organization you’re in conflict with. The mediator helps both of you to identify the issues in the dispute, devise and evaluate options for a resolution, and identify ways in which the parties can reach a settlement agreement. The ultimate goal of mediation is a final, written agreement or Memorandum of Understanding. Whether you are under a court order to mediate or you are voluntarily mediating, you are not required to reach an agreement during mediation and you as the participants have full control over any settlement.

Benefits of Colorado Mediation Services

  • Productive, efficient, cost-effective
  • Solution oriented
  • Focuses on resolving issues and problems instead of placing blame
  • Focuses on the future, not the past
  • Allows you to control decision that impact your life, rather than the court
  • Teaches useful negotiation, conflict management, and communication skills that you can use in subsequent conflicts
  • Reduces win-lose outcomes – you reach an agreement both sides believe in and will comply with

The Attorney-Mediators of Kneeland & Lazure Law

The attorney-mediators at Kneeland & Lazure Law bring extensive training, proven experience, and exceptional skill to the mediation process. We adeptly guide participants to a thorough understanding of the underlying dispute, clarify relevant legal and non-legal considerations, and help both sides find areas of common ground from which to resolve the conflict. Our ability to anticipate obstacles and break through impasse helps participants efficiently reach an equitable resolution.


Many conflict situations benefit from mediation, including:


  • Contract Disputes
  • Employee/employer disputes
  • Interpersonal disputes
  • Organizational changes such as mergers, policy development or implementation, regulation enforcement
  • Partnership conflicts
  • Customer or client disputes

Family Law

  • Property or debt division
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony)
  • Parental responsibility
  • Legal and residential custody
  • Parenting time and child support
  • Post-decree disputes

Real Estate

  • Real estate contract disputes required by law to be mediated
  • Escrow account disputes

Other Potential Family Disputes

  • Wills and estates
  • Parent-teen issues
  • Adult children and older parent issues
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The attorneys at Kneeland & Lazure Law are trained mediators and have experience mediating constructive outcomes for clients. Kneeland &Lazure Law provides a wide range of legal services and practice areas. Contact us today for more information.